A Waltz Of Ripples Sailed Over Dark Depths

Day#29 #LexPoMo poetry challenge


And when i saw it
just as it was, truth became
clear, like a deep spring

Flowing swift streams of
constant consciousness, contained
in states of slumber

A play unfolded
of a most peculiar scene
yet guided by grace

A waltz of ripples
sailed over dark depths, vivid
motions of pastel hues

Glistened across crests
of waves and ripples, this light
a glowing ballet

Remained in my thoughts
long after the symphony
departed with stars

And the sun called forth
the dawn of a new day, to
rouse resting eyes

FujiFilm XPro2 XF23mmf.2

FujiFilm XPro2 XF23mmf.2