LomoChrome Metropolis Kickstarter

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I recently backed this campaign and would like to invite anyone interested in the preservation & continued growth of film photography to check out the Kickstarter page .

The main reason I deiced to back this project outside of Lomography’s continued commitment to all things analogue is that. I’ve had an interest in the bleach bypass process of C41 color negative film for some time now, kicked off by discovering the work of one of Japans greatest cinematographers Kazuo Miyagawa, which has inspired several new projects of my own using this processing technique.

I noticed right away that LomoChrome Metropolis exhibited some of the same features straight out of the box with no additional processing such as reduced saturation & increased contrast. I plan to compare this with film developed using the actual bleach bypass processes. With Cinestill C41 color development chemicals as well as their new F96 B&W - Bleach Bypass rapid fixer powder used with an as yet decided color negative film for comparison. I’m a big fan of powder chemicals, and as a side note I hope Cinestill can create something new with E6 development chemicals.

One project I specifically have in mind for LomoChrome Metropolis & bleach bypass in general, is a triptych of close up nude portraits, for submission to a nude gallery show. As I feel this look can be used for a more expressionist approach to the Nude. A paragraph from the campaign can be found below.

”Fight back against the flood of fake imagery, staged vacation shots, carefully curated spontaneity, countless selfies and empty images – devoid of meaning, love and sincerity. Take a deep breath and go back to the basics with film photography. Learn anew the feeling of surprise and uncertainty, build true connections with your subjects and realize the true value of images. LomoChrome Metropolis pays homage to the mother of all colors: black! Search for rays of color in a sea of lightless skyscrapers, frame your subject as they trudge the streets of ghost towns, and disappear down sparsely lit subway entrances – embrace urban annihilation and take portraits unlike anything else. And if you happen to find yourself lost in nature: capture shaggy sheep in the Scottish Highlands, dawn creeping along the Mekong, or weathered wildebeest skeletons by the gates of Windhoek. Inspired by stark images of expressionism and modern urbanism, LomoChrome Metropolis is the newest flavor in film photography – bringing the fresh taste of adventure to analog artists around the globe – standing proud where megapixels and software matter no more.”

(Any products mentioned in this post have been personally purchased by myself & not received for writing any reviews or posts.)