Proportional Wavelength

I'm also participating in the Lexington Poetry Challenge; you guessed it one poem a day for the entire month of June. I enjoy using Haiku as my writing device because I feel it gives some structure to keep me focused on writing for 30 days. I took part in this challenge last year, I managed to hit the mark and complete the 30 days of poetry. You can find out more in the link below. 

My Poem (Colony.Collapse.Disorder) from the previous poetry challenge will be featured in a book of Poetry, due to be published this year. The title is The Messenger is Sudden Thunder: Selections from LexPoMo 2016, K. Nicole Wilson will be providing the cover art. I will share that poem at a later date.

I like using a photograph or painting to help illustrate the conceptual nature of the poems I write, as well as the emotional atmosphere I'm attempting to convey. Below you will find my first submission this year along with the corresponding photograph.

Proportional Wavelength

Expansion rhythm
Relative equivalent
Corresponding wave


( Proportional Wavelength)   Fujifilm Xpro2 Fujinon Xf23mmf2,  Lexington, Ky    Ryan Keinath  

(Proportional Wavelength)  Fujifilm Xpro2 Fujinon Xf23mmf2,  Lexington, Ky    Ryan Keinath